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Sam Mahoney“I first got interested in web design in 1997, purely for my own projects (mostly music related, for bands I was in etc), but it wasn't long before I was getting asked to do sites for friends, then friends of friends, and so on.

Eventually it got to the point where I decided it would be best to register a domain name and make a portfolio site showcasing my work, and try and take things to the next level. And so Divine Monkey was registered.

I think the original idea behind the name was something along the lines of "Any monkey can be trained in web design, but only those with a divine spark of creativity will really shine at it" - but it was a long time ago now so I can't be 100% sure!

Nevertheless, the name stuck, and years later I'm still operating under it. Web development has changed an awful lot since then (tables are gone, css3 is all the rage, more people are browsing from mobile devices than PC's) but one thing still remains - you need to be creative to get noticed.

And that's something I pride myself on. I'm just naturally creative, in everything I do. I have a good eye for detail. I'm a perfectionist. And I love design. Like really love it. So when I take on a new job, it gets 110% every time.

And even after it's done, and I've been paid, I'll still keep checking it, incase there's that little bit extra I can go back and add that will really bring it to a new level.”

Sam Mahoney
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